Conversations Had in Public

Happy New Year!!! Ushering in 2020 with our first guest of the season @themichaelventura, founder of design agency @wearesubrosa, Corvus Medicine Practitioner, and author of book, “Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership”.


Yellow Brick Road

Today we’re sitting down with @ahmarialford. College student. Double major in anthropology and international studies with a concentration in the Middle East and North Africa. Pre-law track. Interning at an International relations firm whilst working the stationery retail circuit (can you hear my little artist heart going badump badump!?). Pure human dynamo in the form of a Man Repeller muse and total style maven.


Slashie This Way

Today we’re sitting down with @punodostres web designer, digital creative, entrepreneur, and founder of @ilovecreatives, @peoplemap.co, @madewithmap, and proud mama of @muaddibthecat


Freshly Churned

Today we’re sitting down with Kitty Travers, founder of @lagrottaices, teacher at @schoolofartisanfood, and someone who’ll put your childhood frozen treats to shame.


Green Girl Leah

Today we’re sitting down with Leah Thomas, wellness and sustainability advocate, contributing writer @thegoodtrade, and PR + public engagement assistance @patagonia.


A Rural Pen

Today we're sitting down with Thomas Little, ink maker, alchemist, and garden hermit. At the time of this call, he also worked as a park ranger in North Carolina (garden hermit check). And during said call, which was well over two hours long, he was wandering the park. Hey, who knew middle-of-nowhere-North Carolina had better connectivity than my own house *insert eye roll*.


Entertaining the Absurdity

Today we’re sitting down with @_winky_moon_ , yogi, herbalist, elemental medicine practitioner, and founder of @_cocoon_room_ ; a space in which, through self-care systems and tools such as pulse + tongue readings, bodywork, and a plethora of herbs…you’ll get a feel for what’s actually running through your veins.


Amen to Abundance

Today we’re sitting down with Matthew and Terces Engelhart, the founders of Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre, as well as being the co-authors behind the book “Sacred Commerce: Business as a Path of Awakening”. Not to mention their home turf, this all-encompassing practice of regenerative living on their biodynamic Be.Love.Farm. This just to mention a few of the multitude of avenues through which they serve in their purpose.


Christina and Cacao

Today we’re sitting down with Christina Kim, founder of Secret Cacao Garden; someone who’s artisanal cacao brews and bites you’ll all come to wish were postmate-able.


Fullest Self

Today we're sitting down with Nikki Bostwick, founder and editor and chief of The Fullest, creator of your new plant-based elixir desirable the @saffronlattebythefullest, host of @morningmatcha, and founder of @lagunabeach.living. Mama and wife to boot.



Today we’re sitting down with Jason Logan, creative director, graphic designer, author, ink maker, and the founder of The Toronto Ink Company.

He’s somewhere on the color spectrum between being this alchemical wizard, an artist and father who sees the importance of color in how, on a conscious and subconscious level, it relates to and conducts our very lives.



Guts N’ Glory is a podcast on
the power of following one’s gut,
and how, through the telling of
each guests’ journey on a
bio-psycho-social-spiritual level,
this takes shape.